Richard Farkas


Gardening, foraging in the surrounding woods and fields, shopping on the local market, keeping in touch with farmers, personally serving dishes ... Displaying classic local flavours in a modern form are just as enjoyable as the cooking itself for me. Quality, regionality and seasonality, as well as providing guests with a gastronomic experience, are at the heart of our beliefs..

The rest on the plates of Pajta…

Flóra and Ferenc


We opened our restaurant slowly 8 years ago. Then We were beginners in the industry; we considered only one thing important to do something outstanding. Today we feel we have achieved our goal. We made many friends among our guests. We consider our colleagues almost family members. We source our ingredients in the region; we buy from local farmers. We have mapped the treasures of the surrounding forests and fields.

We love what we do!

Our cuisine is primarily based on the traditional dishes and ingredients of the Őrség, and adds the professional knowledge and technology of modern cutting-edge restaurants.