In the southwest corner of Vas County you can find this wonderful land with forests and meadows where guardians were settled during the Hungarian conquest. Its name derives from these: Őrség (in English: Guard or Watch post). This region is not only one of the wildest and most romantic corners of Hungary. Living here is a special lifestyle.

The settlement structure shows a unique picture, these are the so-called ‘szeres’ settlements. The ‘szerek’ are groups of houses built on the hill top, which structure comes from the time of Hungarian conquest. Wonderful examples for this are Kétvölgy, Orfalu and Apátistvánfalva settlements, not far from Pajta in Őriszentpéter.

This land is the westernmost part of our country with a wet subalpine climate and an annual precipitation of 700-950 mm. Hills and valleys are engraved by brooks, deciduous forests and pinewoods, fresh and green meadows, marshlands preserving plants from the ice age, in this area crystal clean spring-heads and brooks vary.

The silence and the fresh air, the cultural traditions and customs what are reserved in an unchanged way, the goods of the self-supportive peasant farming attract the visitors. The number of protected species of plants is above 100 in this area. The flowery hay-fields and watery fields, the hay-field orchards, extended forests, a lot of butterfly species and the big game provide an excellent opportunity to have a dip in the nature far away from the from the city bustle. The local conditions also make the region to a very good mushroom gathering site.

Well, in short, the Őrség region is fabulous. We fell in love with it for the first sight. Well worth a trip at first. You may wish to stay for a lifetime …

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